Thank you for the opportunity to hunt your ranch. Our group of 4 all got nice bucks. The blinds we hunted were comfortable and well positioned. I saw many bucks a day and waited until the second day to get an 11 pointer.
The guides, Mike and Linda did an awesome job.

Dave B.,

Salt Fork Ranch is a top notch place to turkey hunt. Owner, Larry Henard and his wife were very friendly and knowledgeable. The ranch is beautiful and pristine. I love the miles of river that flow through it. I encountered lots of turkey flocks and the hunting pressure is light-- as evident by the number of birds called in. Outstanding Ranch! Thanks, I look forward to booking another hunt in the near future.

Ken Stewart, Georgia

I first found out about Salt Fork Hunts at the Sacramento International Sportsmans EXPO a few years back. I was very interested in them because of their location. Wellington, TX. That is the area where my family is from. Wellington, Amarillo, Dodson, TX and Hollis, OK where I was born. I finally booked my hunt during the EXPO in January of 2015. There is not any nicer people than the owners of Salt Fork, Larry and Nancy Henard. They are the ones that made me feel very comfortable about booking my hunt. My hunt was in November 2015. Everything went just as they instructed. I met with the guides Linda and Mike the day before the hunt. Checked the zero on my rifle then was taken to the area I would be hunting, and given specific information on how to hunt the area. I observed 21 bucks the first two days of the hunt, but held off from taking one. On the third morning out came Mr Texas Buck. Big Buck Down. I notified Linda and she came to recover the deer and she took care of the rest. Cleaning, meat processor info etc. Two thumbs up for the guides Linda and Mike. Same goes for the Cherokee Inn, Roberson's Family Restaurant and the Taco Shack. Oh. And I have booked another hunt for 2016.

Earl Wilhite, Roseville, CA